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Are We Too Serious About Spirituality?

A few years ago I was speaking at an event in New York. When I was finished a woman came up to me and told me how spiritual she was and how dedicated she was to her practices. She gave me positive feedback about my presentation but continued to circle back to her practice. It was as if she was trying to convince me that she was a good person. I had no reason not to think she was a good person but it always strikes me when someone is trying so hard.

(This is not a photo of the woman in the story)

It’s kind of like walking up to someone and saying, “I am a very handsome guy.” What do you expect the other person to say. “I’m sorry to tell you this but you are really a quite ugly.” Of course you would never do that…wink, wink, but it is tempting. This was my feeling as this woman kept on trying to convince me that she was a wonderful spiritual person. She was so serious and intense about it.

The one thing I do about spiritual people, and I have been trained by an enlightened master, is that they do not have to tell you they are spiritual. They have a feeling of peace and a sense of energy that is different from the average person. Spiritual practice is a wonderful thing and I have been on my personal journey for many years. There have been dark days and days filled with tremendous love. This is all part of your journey to wholeness.

It is great to share your journey and experiences with others on the path. There is no need to convince people about how spiritual you are or how you do it. Have fun with your processes and ups and downs. That is what your spiritual quest is all about.


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